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Cat who lost leg after being caught in snare given a fresh start in life

A stray cat who lost a leg after suffering horrific injuries when he was caught in a snare is settling into a new home...

The Little Things That Bring Your Cat Joy: Tips for a Happy and Contented Feline

Hi everyone, Today we have a guest post from Cathy Habas for you! The Little Things That Bring Your Cat Joy Some cats are quite expressive, making it...


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Pregnant Cats Found Wandering the Streets Together, Decide to Raise Their Kittens as One Big Family

Two bonded cats who were found pregnant in the outdoors, are raising their kittens together. ...

Kitten Appears at the Entrance of a Home Asking for Help One Day and Never Looks Back

A kitten appeared at the entrance of a home asking for help one day, and she never looked back.Moxie the catChatons Orphelins MontrealA kitten...

Kitten Who Was Found Foraging for Food, Transforms into a Happy Indoor Cat in 3 Days

A kitten who was found foraging for food, transformed into a happy indoor cat in just three days.Little Wanderers NYCWhen Little Wanderers NYC was...

Petunia the Kitten Goes Around Giving Everyone Affection and ‘Thanks’ Them for Changing Her Life

Petunia the kitten goes around the house giving everyone affection and "thanks" them for changing her life.Petunia the kitten@littlewanderersadoptionsPetunia the kitten was brought into...

Kittens Born Outside with Wobbly Feet, Nestle into Woman and Try to Win Her Over

Two kittens who were born outside with wobbly feet, nestled into the arms of a kind woman, and tried to win her over.Cyrus and...


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