I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens

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Jenna and her Mom live in an apartment complex, on the second floor with their two cats – Bella and Kitty. Their apartment has a little terrace attached to it, and she and her Mom, and the two cats love to hang out and watch all the activity going on in the courtyard, and sometimes in the other apartments across the way.

Because of that, and the fact that their two cats are always perched on the terrace – they’ve had them since they were kittens – everyone knew they had pets. They didn’t rescue or adopt Bella and Kitty and brought them home after they had already been cared for by their Mother.

One night, Jenna and her Mom are hanging out and watching tv when all of a sudden there’s a knock at the door. It’s a little kid from the apartment complex, and he says that since they all know that they are cat people, they thought maybe Jenna and her Mom could help. The kids had been out playing in the courtyard and they heard little kittens crying, and mewing and meowing from somewhere in the bushes. Their parents weren’t home, and they wanted help.

They throw on their flip-flops, grab a couple of flashlights, and run out the door. They follow the little boy, and then the sounds of the crying kittens to the back of the apartment, and sure enough, deep in the bushes, actually, thorn bushes, seven tiny kittens all huddled together. And they don’t look good – they look sick and frail, and their eyes are still closed. They look almost dead.

Jenna jumps right into the thorn bush and passes the kittens out to her Mom one by one, then, they hurry back to the apartment with them to warm them up in blankets, feed them, and then clean them up a bit. Jenna and her Mom were so scared, worried that the kittens wouldn’t live, so tiny and beaten up, eyes still closed up and unable to take care of themselves.

After a long night, they took them to the vet. The doctor said that there was NOT a very good chance that they would survive. This upset them so much, Jenna burst into tears. When the vet saw how much they already cared about these kittens he told them that they could admit them to the animal hospital for care, but that it would be very, very expensive.

Jenna and her Mom didn’t have very much money, so they asked what else could be done. The doctor said yes, that Jenna and her Mom could take them home and nurse them back to health by themselves – on their own.

At first, all they could think about was all that responsibility, and the time and commitment it would take to truly rescue and save the kittens. But, inside, they both knew that they couldn’t just give up. So, after the doctor told them what to do, they went to Petsmart and got all of the supplies they would need to nurse the kitten back to health – eye medicine, a replacement for their Mother’s milk and cozy beds.

For three months Jenna and her Mom cared for the kittens, and slowly but surely their sight all returned and they were strong and healthy! They found good homes for all the kittens and loved that they were able to rescue these little babies, nurse them back to health, gave them shelter and place them with loving owners. Cat rescue, nursing back to health and cat adoption are powerful and important things.

Not only that, but Jenna loved it so much she wants to work with animals, maybe even nursing and caring for kittens when she gets older.

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