Cat attacking the dog approaching me

Jealous cat attacks the dog approaching me in the island


About us:
Hello dear audience, we are living in istanbul, too many stray cats and kittens are living in our area. We are trying to feed and help the stray cats as much as we can. If you want to help us, you can support us by watching the video to the end and you can subscribe to the channel by clicking subscribe button. If you like the video don’t forget to press the like button after watching it, by recommending our channel. In this way you’ll help us gain more subscribers and help more animals living in the streets.

We are not an organization, we are just an ordinary couple loving cats and all animal. We have two cats at home, both of them rescued from the street. Their names are Brownie and Cinnamon. You can also see their videos on our channel. Thank you so much for your supports by watching the video.

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