Rise of the Chipmunks: Relaxing Video For Cats and Pets

Please help us to reach our goal of 10,000 subscribers by sharing our channel on social media, and/or with your family or friends who love videos for pets! We are on pace for 10,000 subscribers and our goal is to reach this milestone within 12 weeks. We could really use your help if you feel comfortable doing so. ???. Every little bit helps. We will do our part and keep those videos coming. Thank you all!

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A link to a few of our playlists below

– Relaxing Chipmunk Videos For Cats and Dogs

-Relaxing Squirrel Videos For Cats and Dogs

– Relaxing Bird Videos For Cats and Dogs

Our channel is monetized. Please keep that in mind if you are using our videos to sleep, as it may cause a disturbance. Our Videos for pets average 2-3 ads per hour. Every video maintains original video (usually 60 minute – 4 hours) looped several times to the desired length. This allows us to focus on putting a varied video out every day.

Our channel is designed to be appealing to pets. Please always keep safety in mind and use some common sense with your tech devices and your pets. We are not responsible for damage your pet cause.

A thank you to the artist for the audio in our intro and trailer provided free. His name is Sergey Cheremisinov.

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