10 Cartoon Cat Sighting In Real Life

10 Cartoon Cat Sighting In Real Life

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With a name known to no man and a body extendable like rubber, Cartoon cat is an enemy from the void. He’s a vicious expert at luring victims to death and a perfect killing machine that the Canadian horror cartoonist, Trevor Henderson made him – an urban legend. But is he?

Many people on the internet continually release several videos and pictures claiming the cartoon cat’s way more than any legend. That he walks among us, sneaking up on homes and scaring people out of abandoned buildings. Are any of these videos real? Are these sightings illusions? Or are they only meant to scare us out of bed?

In today’s video, we’ll look at ten cartoon cats sighted in real life to discover if they were genuinely spotted on camera. Make sure you stay tuned till the best pick because that video sat on the thin line between reality and fakery. But we hope you’ll let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Number 10: Bathroom Cat-scare

We begin our story analysis with a video we got from a YouTube channel dedicated to paranormal videos. And in this recording, the guy making the film claimed he wanted to use a bathroom somewhere whose destination was not disclosed. But since it’s late, the bathroom door was closed. And he was about leaving before he suddenly heard strange noises behind the closed door. So, this man decided to check it out.

Getting closer, the cameraman noticed the sound to be of a cat, but there was none. Looking everywhere he could, he found nothing out of the ordinary. But the strange voices grew deeper. And from there, he’d begun to freak out, waving his torch to find something real soon or run for it. Before he could think that, the monstrous beast came out of nowhere to snuff him out. But while the video is terrifying and convincing, knowing whether it is real or not is still subjected to debate. And in this modern-day age of hoaxes, we find it very hard to believe.

Number 9: The Hungry Cartoon Cat

Not many cartoon cat sightings on the internet today is worthy of this list as a single glance at most of them would point them as fakes. But this one recorded on a fateful night in April of 2020 definitely needs analysis. Though what happened before the video and why the witness came to the quiet neighborhood late at night wasn’t included in its description, it seems he was trying to cover a story with his camera. Some sound must have startled him because he had his camera moving around like a man in search of a ghost until suddenly, the cartoon cat came at him. And all we could hear afterward was a loud backstage scream, indicating that the sneaky monster got a decent snack.

Now, we know that things aren’t what they seem, and it’s hard taking the word of one man to substantiate a legend especially one that only came up as recently as 2018. But one quick note: if the cat got him while recording, how was he able to upload it on Youtube? If, like us, you have no answer to that, then this video is false!

Number 8: The Roadside Cartoon Cat

From May 23, 2020, this video shows a man stepping out of his car to search for something he saw while driving by a roadside. He seems unsure of what he was looking for as he scouts the barbed fence of a protected facility. With a torch on his hands, he hoped to pinpoint a potential wild animal lurking in the area and report it to the authorities to safeguard the nearby residents. But after searching for a while and couldn’t find anything, he decided to return to his car. On getting back, he saw a huge shadow appearing from his rear. And all of a sudden, it attacked him, shutting out the video.

For many, this was undoubtedly a cartoon cat attack, following Henderson’s description. However, this video was part of a series of recordings released by a YouTube channel called “Paranormal World”

Number 7: Cat Hunt

This viral video shows two urban explorers looking to capture a cartoon cat in a haunted park reported with missing people in its records. According to them, they were convinced that the dreaded monster lives in that precise location. And they searched real hard before they could meet with the cat. But when they did, the sight was too scary for any of them to wait behind.

Number 6: The Stalking Cartoon Cat

When an abandoned building is being explored, something creepy will inevitably be discovered. But unraveling a cryptid monster whose very existence in real life poses a dilemma to many people is almost unlikely. This video, originally uploaded on Youtube in March of 2020, however, spells otherwise.

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