Guest Star: Tayo Feline Gigalo & Obiwan Kenobi

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from Trish:

Dear Fellow Committed Cat Lovers,

We are blessed to have three children and they love tummy rubs EVERY moment they are awake every day – when not demanding we throw mice for them to fetch. I am a totally and permanently impaired (enabled disabled) veteran and I accredit a LOT of my rehabilitation from physical and mental illness to my boys; how can one wallow in self pity and pain when my overlords require my attendance on them?!

Tayo Feline Gigalo, our lilac Burmese, 7 yo
He purrs me to sleep every night and keeps nightmares away – then once his work is done he defects to his Dad’s side of the bed with his brothers. He’s my soul mate.

As Lawrence of Arabia

Obiwan Kenobi, our blue Burmese, 7 yo
He is known as The Fiend and The Prancing Prince; he’s mischievous and amazingly agile and practices parkour at an Olympic level.

Obi is quite powerful in the force and can incidentally burn visiting Sith Lords with his laser beam eyes!

Sir Basil is our 14 yo chocolate Burmese and alpha male. He loves being a big kitten and is also a very proud parrot to my sailor husband!!

“Tickle my tummy… if you dare…”

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