Animals at Your Wedding: The Why’s and How’s

Some people choose to involve their pets on their wedding day, but many people, including those who don’t have pets, may still want to add something more memorable to the big day. When cats, dogs or even the family goldfish just aren’t enough to give your wedding the edge it deserves, you can hire other animals to be part of the day instead.

Some Things To Think About First

Before you run out to hire your chosen animals, as much as you might want to surprise your guests, check that none of them have allergies. While it is still your big day, you don’t want to be responsible for one of your guests having a bad allergic reaction to the animals. Another thing to consider is whether your venue will allow animals. In most cases, they will be kept outside, so ask if there is a suitable space for them and the owner or someone else in charge is okay with them being there. It can save a lot of hassle and potential upset on the day.

Great Photo Opportunities

Whether you opt for llamas wearing bow ties, penguin ring bearers, horses or any other animal, they provide great photo opportunities for you and your guests and give you fond memories to look back on for years to come, aside from the actual marriage of course. It may be costly to hire animals, but remember, you’re paying for their transportation and for one or two trained members of staff. This takes the pressure off you, as they bring the animals, and ensure their safety, and can help your guests who may not have experience of being up close to the animals.


Be Prepared For The Unexpected

While animals are a great addition to your wedding day, you should accept that sometimes things don’t always go to plan as far as they’re concerned. Even the most well-behaved creatures may grow bored of standing around and having their photo taken, so may misbehave. One new bride had her wedding veil chewed by a llama. Then there’s the risk of them using the land as a toilet. While the trainers will usually have a plan for cleaning this up, you’ll want to avoid having this show up in the photographs.

Plan Your Menu Accordingly

Depending on your chosen animal, you might want to check that type of animal isn’t on the menu for you and your guests. For example, nobody wants to spend time posing with cute piglets, only to be served bacon sandwiches as a snack while they wait for the main course. It can unsettle even the most ardent meat-eaters.

Raising Money For a Cause

Having a particular kind of animal on your wedding day can give your guests a more personal experience. So, if you decide to ask for charitable donations rather than gifts, they will be much more likely to donate if they know the money goes to help these animals. So, although there are some things to think about when deciding whether to include a two or four-legged creature in your day, the experience has its benefits and really adds something.


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