Little Kitten Hisses At Me || Mother Cat Attacking On Kitten After Smelling Her

Little Kitten Hisses At Me
Mother Cat Attacking On Kitten After Smelling Her
Rescued Newborn Kittens Are out in the garden. They are with mom cat.
When tinny kitty felt that she’s surrounded by kittens she got aggressive. She was hissing growling and attacking on me and kittens.
And then Rescued street cat hope came she was smelling Kitten
Mother Cat hope Attacked Kitten After Knowing This Is not Her Kitten.
mother cat was in very good mood. she was enjoying with her adorable cute kittens. she is giving them shower with her tongue. dry cleaning them.
when this orphan kitten came she licked her 1st. 2nd time orphan Kitten thought mother has accepted her she get closer to her again mother cat Attacked on her.

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