Kiwi’s kittens pack their Tiny Suitcases!

Feral mama Kiwi was VERY pregnant when she was trapped. We didn’t know how difficult the next few days would be, for her and for us.

Kiwi was in labor for a harrowing 16 hours, and four of her kittens needed life-saving intervention in order to survive their birth.

Poor Kiwi was so overwhelmed and exhausted, she was unable to care for her kittens for the first few days. We took over feedings and potty duty every 2 hours, and once she recovered, she blossomed into an amazing mom.

Sadly, one of her seven beautiful kittens crossed the Bridge shortly after birth, but the other six made the most remarkable, full recoveries and are now thriving and headed for their forever homes!

Kiwi is now spayed and healthy, and will never have to go through another difficult pregnancy or traumatic birth. We are so happy for her.

If you missed it, here’s my long, rambling, exhausted recounting of the birth:

If you’re feeling brave, here’s a short clip of Weka being born, along with a 7″ tapeworm:

THIS is rescue reality. THIS is the reality of not spaying and neutering.

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