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Please find below an entry in Purrsday Poetry by Martin H. Samuel:

Returned to Kenya rented a car

(station wagon)

‘gari’ in Swahili

in downtown Nairobi for a ten-day

(sleep in the back) do-it-myself safari

turned into Tsavo ‘simba’ (lions)

I had to see

pulled off the road parked under a tree

had a drink killed the light

cracked the windows for the night

early next morning had to go in the dew

climbed out barefoot

mist all around obscuring the view

stifling a yawn ambled into the dawn

when, sleepily starting to pee,

had the feeling

something was watching me

looked around then down at the ground

the area was circled

lion footprints I saw

privates in hand backed up to the door

they could see me I couldn’t see them

I’ll never make that mistake again.

Purrsday Poetry: Tsavo Lions

© 2021 Martin H. Samuel

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Purrsday Poetry: Tsavo Lions

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