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Please find below a guest story by Helen about her cat Texas:

Indeed, Texas is known for being ‘belly up’. It’s been an index of his better health

Eleven years ago, Texas, a brown tabby Maine Coon mix, was trapped at a Lone Star Steak House restaurant, along with his bonafide feral mother, Shotgun Betty.

Guest Cat Star: Texas the Maine Coon Mix

Texas was 3-4 months old. (Mother & son went into the same trap together. What a protective mom!) Both felines were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, & ear-cropped as graduates of a TNR program. Shotgun Betty was released to her home with a caretaker.

Texas was held back as we determined whether or not he could be socialized. He was timid & non-threatening, never really needed taming.

Turned out Texas was also lame with dysplasia in one hip & a growth plate deformity in the other. As his muscles developed, Texas was better able to navigate his environment, engaging with other kittens. He’s been with me ever since.

Guest Cat Star: Texas the Maine Coon Mix

Texas walks with a waddle & takes a daily joint supplement, managing quite well. A very shy guy with strangers, yet he is an absolute lush! Loves sleeping on his back (he snores). Besides tummy rubs, Texas is also known for his trademark smooches. He’ll start with his nose at the bridge of my nose & forehead, & zig-zag up to my hairline.

Guest Cat Star: Texas the Maine Coon Mix

Last year Texas had a life threatening abscess in his neck & upper chest, an ordeal that lead to 3 surgeries & a 3 month intensive recovery. A really rough go of it for both of us. Once he returned to ‘belly up’ snoozes & his signature smooches (& eating on his own again), I knew I had my Texas back! (The Cat Care Clinic that also shepherded him through his illness, refers to Texas as their “miracle kitty”.)

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Guest Cat Star: Texas the Maine Coon Mix

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