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A little update from me today. Last week I had to head off to the vet as my humans noticed a pink discharge from one of my eyes. Luckily it turned out that I only scratched myself a little on the edge of my eyelid but of course I now have to keep getting eye drops for a while!

But how do you actually get your feline friend to join you for a trip to the vet? Well! Apparently, my humans have plenty of tips for that. :0

For starters, you have to get your feline friend used to like their carrier. Of course, this can be made much easier if one uses a quality and comfy carrier such as the Sleepypod mobile pet bed from our sponsor Sleepypod.

As you can see it was pretty straightforward for my human to pick me up and gently lift me into the carrier because why wouldn’t want to be in a comfy plush bed!!! Plus of course, I already had plenty of time to get used to this one during lockdown!

As you can see, even after the human “withdraws” I am not trying to make an escape. ; )

Mactavish: My Recent Trip to the Vet

But why would we felines and our humans recommend the Sleepypod mobile pet bed to you? Well simples, not just is it the comfiest and versetile carrier (REMEMBER IT TURNS INTO A BED BY TAKING OFF THE TOP!!!!!) but it’s also super safe in the car thanks to it’s strap in option and extensive car crash testing by Sleepypod.

And remember! Having your feline friends eyes checked at sign of possible infection is very important, luckily I was fine but you don’t want to take risks with that.

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Mactavish: My Recent Trip to the Vet

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