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Please find below a guest story from Donna about her cat Lulu:

Lulu came to me when she was about 3 months old. Such a scared, timid little thing.

Guest Cat Story: Lulu

Her original home was a very busy loud place. With me, it’s just the two of us.

She settled right in, and loves being the only kitty in the home.

She is very affectionate and loving, and like most Siamese, very talkative.

She always loved playing with her furry mice, drowning them in her water bowl.

Guest Cat Story: Lulu

She also played fetch, over and over. These days not so much, she’s so mature now, she doesn’t play so much.

She has a heated bed now, but still loves her hot water bottle to cuddle with.

She’s in quite good health though we are watching her kidneys. Not too bad for her age.

She is the great joy in my life, I am very lucky.

Guest Cat Story: Lulu

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