Part 19: What happens when 5 kittens whose mother was missing meet a childless woman? Of course, the world’s warmest view and the most peaceful sound occurred. It looks like my wife will soon put her babies to sleep with lullabies. A woman with a sense of motherhood. And tiny kittens who forget that they are motherless. Kittens’ mother is missing. I must be their mother. Attention! This video contains excessive cat snoring and cat purring. #kittenrescue #catrescue #adorablepaws #luckypaws

I continue to be a mother to motherless kittens. Kittens think I am their own mother. They get excited when they see me. I’m about to really believe that I’m their mother. Motherless kittens we found on the street 15 days ago. Unfortunately, despite the long wait, the mother cat did not return. We are worried about the life of the mother cat. We brought the kittens home after 1 week of waiting.

Motherhood entails great responsibility. If you are a mother, you should take care of your babies 24 hours a day. Since we first met, kittens have thought of me as their own mother. Now I’m starting to believe that too. These kittens are always hungry. They are literally monsters. I feed these kittens every 6 hours. With breast-milk substitutes, dry cat food and wet cat food. All kittens were health checked. They now recognize my voice. It will be enough for them to hear my voice to come out of the cat house.

Food list for kittens:
*At night, the food menu usually consists of dry cat food. Hearing this crunchy cat food sound every night is priceless.
*In the morning, it’s time for kittens to drink breast-milk substitutes.
*At noon, we have wet cat food on our menu for kittens.
*You can drink fresh water every hour in our menu.
*Unlimited love after every meal.

Summary: The cute tiny kittens. Unfortunately, their mother has been missing for a week. I think the kittens are 6-8 weeks old. I found the kittens who lost their mothers at the parking garage gate of the site. This place is too dangerous for them as there is a car entrance and exit. I moved them to a safe area. It’s not very far. I just moved them 30 meters forward. I hope nothing bad happened to the mother cat. I will be the mother of the kittens until the mother cat returns. As the days go by, I worry more and more about the mother cat. I created a safe environment for them in the garden of the house I live in. They were checked by a veterinarian. Everything is OK. Except for the one thing missing from this happy family picture. Me and the kittens are looking forward to the mother cat. If all goes well, these kittens will all be adopted soon.

Greetings from Adorable Paws. There are many stray cats living in our country. We have a dream. We established this channel to make this dream come true. Building a natural habitat for homeless animals. We are just at the beginning of the road. We believe we will make this dream come true one day. Would you like to join this family and help us make this dream come true?

➡The motto of our channel;
Love, feed, neuter and protect animals. ”TNR” – “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

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I prayed every night to have a daughter. God sent me the cat Asia.

The video we found and rescued paralyzed kitten Asia on the street:

The reaction of the cats in the house to the new paralyzed cat Asia:

Rescue Persian kitten, thrown into the street:

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