How to Introduce Your New Cat to Your Home

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Any time a new cat is introduced into a home, it’s important to follow proper protocols to ensure minimal stress and maximum happiness.

Few things are more exciting than introducing a new kitty cat into your household. Of course, it’s important to follow the playbook to ensure that your cat is happy, relaxed, and safe. This is especially true if you have dogs or other cats in your home. Every single cat has a unique personality, so it’s just like introducing a new person into your life. Naturally, cats that grew up around other cats are better equipped socially and will likely integrate more easily than cats who grew up as loners.

Cats have an incredibly playful nature. They love to zip across rooms, scramble through hallways, and perform all sorts of incredible acrobatics on the furniture. If there are other animals in your home, they may not take kindly to a new kid on the block. Today we’ll examine several techniques that you can employ when introducing a new cat into your household. Every cat is different, but safety is always a priority.

You always want the new kitty to be relaxed. Catnip is an excellent herbal tincture, but it’s not the only option available. Tempo & Tails natural and organic products for cats include chicken & chamomile CBD treats, or CBD oil. These scientifically engineered products contain pesticide-free ingredients with clean CO2 extraction. You might want to get these types of products well ahead of time so that they are ready for the kitty cat’s arrival in your home.

Anxiety is triggered by emotional distress. A new environment is distressing to a pet, that’s why you’ll initially see your cat on its haunches, alert and afraid. There are many different symptoms of anxiety, notably changes in appetite, destructive behavior, withdrawn behavior, erratic bowel movements, and excessive grooming among others. CBD oil and cat treats with CBD can modify mood by calming the animal. It’s definitely worth considering CBD products if you have a really active household with lots of pets and kids.

Create a Safe Zone for the New Cat Before Introducing Other Pets 

Let’s assume you have dogs and cats at home. Before you bring your new cat into your home, place the other animals outside in the yard, or in a room with the door closed. The last thing you want in the introductory stage is to scare the new cat. The lower the stress levels, the better. A quiet introduction to your home is best within a comfortable room with a scratch post like the one from Petfusion, litter box, fresh food & water. Add a couple of toys for your new family member. Catnip is a great supplement to keep cats purring away. It’s a popular ingredient in cat toys and it will keep your kitty cat occupied for hours on end. Be sure to check in regularly with your kitty cat so that he or she doesn’t feel lonely. The more time you spend with your new family member, the better.

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The length of time your cat spends away from the other animals will vary from one cat to the next. Fortunately, you can easily monitor the situation through supervised visits with the other pets. When the animals start sniffing underneath the door and the cat responds in kind, you will know that they are slowly getting used to one another. It may take a week, or two weeks +, but it’s all for the greater good. The rest of the home should have plenty of easy-to-access safe spots for the cats. If you’ve got dogs in your home, take extra special care. Dogs can hurt cats and cats can hurt dogs. It’s best to err on the side of caution. Cats’ claws are as sharp as razor blades, and they can easily scratch your dog’s eyes. Some pet parents like to put plastic caps on their cat’s claws to protect against scratching, but that also leaves the cat vulnerable with no way to defend itself.

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Did you know that cats’ pheromones are released every time your cat rubs his or her face against your leg, the wall, or a scratching post? These chemical substances are anxiety-releasing actions that provide important information to other cats and pets in the home. You can use your kitty cat’s blanket, or toys to introduce the new pet to your other pets. This scent is distinctive, and the animals will understand these olfactory signals. Presto! There you have it, an easy-to-follow set of rules to introduce your new kitty cat to his or her new family!

How to Introduce Your New Cat to Your Home

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