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The Little Things That Bring Your Cat Joy: Tips for a Happy and Contented Feline

Hi everyone, Today we have a guest post from Cathy Habas for you! The Little Things That Bring Your Cat Joy Some cats are quite expressive, making it...

Kitten Climbs onto a Balcony Looking for Food, Then Hangs Around by the Door Until Someone Lets Her in

A kitten climbed onto a balcony looking for food, and then hung around by the door until someone let her in.Typia the kitten@comrescuemontrealAbout two...


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Kitten With Perfect Mustache Hopped into Heart of Family

A kitten with the perfect mustache walked up to a couple and decided they would be family. @gringomoustachecat Romain and Sabrine from France met O'gringo the...

Cat Raised a Litter of Six and One Bonus Kitten, Now It’s Her Turn to Be Someone’s Baby

A cat raised a litter of six and one bonus kitten. Now, it's her turn to be someone's baby.Fern the catJennifer @newkittensontheblockFern the cat...

Cat with 3 Paws Takes Paralyzed Kitten Under Her Wing and Their Friendship Blossoms

A cat with three paws took to a kitten who walks on his front legs. They instantly bonded. ...

Cat Dances and Talks to Visitors at Shelter and Wants Everyone to Notice Him

A cat dances and talks to visitors at the shelter and wants everyone to notice him.Moxy the dancing catLollypop FarmOut of all the cats...

Stray Cat Tries to Push His Way into a Home and Ends Up Changing His Life

A stray cat tried to push his way into a home and ended up changing his life.Fuller the catSparkle Cat RescueIn early November, Sparkle...


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